SEO optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Seo optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important stages in the development of your resource because, in case of its illiterate implementation, all the previous work on creating the site will have been in vain.

SEO site optimization is the process of adjusting content, the purpose of which is to increase the ranking of a resource in search results.

Competent site optimization is the key to its commercial success because it is by means of SEO that the website is adjusted to a specific target group of visitors. In other words, website page optimization allows you to customize it so that not just visitors come to your resource, but users interested in your products and services, your potential customers, buyers and partners.

An example of a well-done optimization is the following: Your company sells houses, and now imagine that an Internet user types in the word “house” into the search field and selects your resource from the search results. It is worth asking the question, what exactly is this person looking for on the Internet? Most likely, he is interested in general information related to this topic and for you as a home seller, such a visitor is of no use and is unlikely to become your client. If you use website optimization services in order to attract potential buyers, then your site will be visited by users who have typed “buy a house” in the search engine, and it is likely that in this case, your visitor is interested in buying.

The process of site search engine optimization consists of several stages:

Selection of the Semantic Core

This stage of SEO includes the selection of keywords and/or phrases by which your resource will appear on the first page of search results. There are two types of search queries – high frequency and low frequency. High frequencies are the most popular words and phrases by which Internet users search for certain goods, services and media content. An example of a high-frequency query is the same phrase “buy a house”. Competition among high-frequency queries is very high since there are only ten positions on the first page of search results, therefore, website promotion for these queries requires a lot of labour and time, but the result is usually worth the effort and money spent.

SEO optimizationLow-frequency search queries, by contrast, are less popular words and/or phrases. As a general rule of thumb, low-frequency queries are thematic and compete only with resources similar in target focus. An example of a low-frequency query is the phrase “buy a two-story house in the city of N”.
The main work at the stage of selecting a semantic core is monitoring competition and a thoughtful balancing between the uses of high and low frequency queries in order to promote the site to the TOP.

Content optimization

This stage of SEO consists of filling and adjusting the content of the site in order to make it more interesting not only for visitors but also for search engines that index the site. Search engine optimization of the website’s content consists of the creation of so-called Doorway pages, the text of which targets words and phrases included in a certain way.

Due to the fact that search engines, for the most part, pay attention to the text content of the site, it is very important to carry out the process of its adjustment in accordance with all modern SEO standards.

The SEO process is subject to a number of rules, the observance of which will allow the site to rise in the ranking of search engines in a short time and will ensure a long stay of the site at the top of the rating.

Software optimizationSoftware (technical) optimization

The goal of software (technical) website optimization is to create a resource with the simplified and most competent software, with concise code that is easily validated and with good navigation that is convenient both for the user and for search engines.

The optimized website code is a code without errors and without unnecessary symbols and tags. Technical optimization of a website includes writing special Meta tags for all graphic objects on the website pages, as well as correcting the code to make it as readable as possible. In addition, it is worth considering that search bots cannot index information contained in scripts, frames and blocks written in flash, they simply cannot see this content. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the code of the site pages so that all information tailored for search queries is easily available for indexing.

When correcting the site code, great importance is also put into internal linking and site navigation. All pages of the site should be accessible in two clicks from the main one and for this to work, they most often use a sitemap, the presence of which allows you to speed up the indexing of the site by search programs.Seo

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