Web design

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Уеб дизайн webdesignWhat is a website?

Web design is the whole process of creating a website.

It consists of a schematic technical development, creating a convenient structure of the pages on the site, its appropriate graphic design and the most appropriate way to present the information for which the website is created.

Whether it is an e-shop, a small company website, a portal or a service page, a successful website depends on many factors, met precisely in the process of its creation.


What components needed for the creation of a website:

уеб дизайн значение

  • Graphic layout - creating the vision of the whole project - from images to appropriate photo manipulations, videos, graphics, icons, signs, symbols.
  • Scheme or layout of the site - a prototype. This is the initial stage of project development and serves to schematically present the entire structure, elements of the site and their location.
  • Accessibility - This is a set of factors that make the website convenient for viewing, reading, easy highlighting of colors, distances of elements on the site, the location of the buttons in the navigation and much more.
  • Unique content - this is the information provided by the author in the form in which you want to be found by search engines.